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Salt water spas are gaining popularity among spa users for the many benefits they offer. They are easier to maintain, more gentle on skin, and user-friendly to name a few. Caldera offers FreshWater Salt Systems in the Utopia and Paradise series spas. Check out some of the benefits in getting a salt water spa:

FEWER CHEMICALS Salt water only generates chlorine as needed in your spa, thus the need for fewer chemicals and sanitizers to keep your water clean.

NO CHEMICAL SMELL Some people are more sensitive to sanitizers smell than others and a salt water spa is a great way to eliminate any strong chemical order in your spa. In addition, salt water is more gentle on the skin and eyes, offering optimal comfort and relaxation.

WATER CONSERVATION Because salt water spas keep water fresher, longer there is less frequent need to drain and refill your spa. We recommend that you drain and refill your salt water spa once a year, as opposed to the three to four times a year recommended with a traditional spa.

HOW DOES IT WORK? FreshWater Salt System uses a titanium cartridge to convert salt to chlorine. These cartridges last four months and can be purchased in packs of three at both of our showrooms.

Interested in a FreshWater Salt System spa? Reach out to our team today!

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