Clean Your Grill In 7 Simple Steps

Clean Your Grill In 7 Simple Steps

To get the most out of an outdoor grill or smoker, there’s one critical tip that we at Johnson Pool and Spa always ask our customers to follow. It’s very important to keep a grill (whether new or old) clean. When shopping for one of the Traeger grills or smokers for sale, you really should keep in mind that cleaning will be an important part of the grilling process.  A properly cleaned grill or smoker is essential in making amazing culinary creations. In this article, we show you how to clean your grill in seven simple steps. But first, let’s look at the benefits of cleaning your grill.

Top 50 Swimming Pool and Spa Service Ranking

Top 50 Swimming Pool and Spa Service Ranking

Pool and Spa News, the premier media outlet for the pool and spa industry, has named Johnson Pool and Spa in its annual ranking of the top swimming pool and spa service firms across the United States and Canada.

How Swimming Can Help You Lose Weight

Woman stretching in her backyard by the pool.

Without any doubt, we can say that swimming is one of the most fun activities for people of all ages. Apart from some obvious benefits, there are some other advantages of swimming that most people are not aware of. One of the most prominent benefits of swimming is weight loss. Wondering how swimming can help you to lose weight? This guide has all your answers. Continue reading to learn more!

8 Incredible Health Benefits of Hot Tubs You’ll Love

Sunny outdoor hot tub installation.

Hot tubs and spas have become immensely popular all around the world. Their popularity has increased so much that people now, instead of visiting spas and wellness centers, have a hot tub installed in their own homes. Although a big investment, the many health benefits that come from soaking in the warm, jet-driven water are totally worth it. Here are some of the most popular and incredible health benefits of soaking in a hot tub on a regular basis that just might compel you to buy one of your own.

Benefits of Owning a Backyard Swimming Pool

Benefits of Owning a Backyard Swimming Pool

Are you considering installing a swimming pool in your backyard? Are you wary of having to consistently go to pool supply stores to purchase pool supplies, like pool cleaners and other pool accessories? Well, we’re here to tell you that in-ground pools are well worth the effort it takes to maintain them. Here are some of our favorite benefits of owning a backyard swimming pool to help you take the plunge!

Skin Care Tips for Hot Tub Users

Girl washing her face in the sink.

Outdoor hot tubs and spas have gained immense popularity over the last decade or so. Many people are opting for this luxury at their home as it enables them to relax and unwind after a grinding day at work. Many people complain about having dry skin after relaxing in their outdoor hot tub. This can be due to their sensitive skin, poor skin care routines, a diet that is lacking in proper nutrients, overuse of the spa, or the use of sub-par hot tub chemicals. If you are facing such an issue, we have got the solution for you. In this post, we have compiled some skin care tips for avid hot tub users.

How a Hot Tub Can Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

Outdoor hot tub installed into the patio.

Making resolutions is a great way to kickstart the new year. In welcoming a whole new cycle of the Earth rotating around the sun, people feel more confident and willing to take their lives to the next level. At the end of the year, it’s common to reflect on the past and look forward to the future, perhaps trying to understand how to improve your life and make a positive difference for you and for your loved ones. Read on to learn more about how a hot tub can help you stay true to your new year’s resolutions!

The Evolution of the Hot Tub

Black and white photo of a family in the tub.

While the hot tub you use presently might even seem like its from the future, with all the technology and features it contains, but people have been taking advantage of the benefits offered from hot water therapy for millenia. Community baths, ancient calderas and the like have long served as meeting places for health, social exchange, and worship. 

Add Fun to Your Backyard!

Add Fun to Your Backyard!

As the summer reaches its peak, there are few better ways to “beat the heat” and enjoy the nice weather than to relax in your swimming pool or on the lake, river, pond, creek, swimming hole…you get the picture. But even as enjoyable as taking a leisurely dip in the water can be, there are always ways to make it just a bit better!

Hot Tub Safety Tips

Hot Tub Safety Tips

Here at Johnson Pool and Spa we are all about fun, safe fun. Every day there are accidents that include a pool or spa that could be easily avoided. We feel that we have a responsibility to our community in educating everybody on how to have a fun and safe time in and around your pool or spa. 

Swimming Pool Games

Kids playing in a pool

It can be a joy to lounge by the pool during a sunny summer day! Especially when you invite family and friends to join in on the fun. Going for a swim can provide instant refreshment from the heat, allow kids to burn off some excess energy, and even make new friends! Keep your guests entertained with a variety of swimming pool games that are great for people of all ages.

Here are four great ideas for water-based activities that will keep adults and children alike entertained for hours!

Top 4 Popular Appetizers For The Best Pool Party

A group of people at a BBQ

Pool parties can be so much fun!

There is virtually no better way to enjoy your new pool, than in the company of your friends and family. If you want to make your party even more memorable, you should start by offering some delicious food and drinks to your guests. Whether you want to cater to a full meal or simply offer some great snacks, there are many amazing options for you to choose from.

Chlorine Alternatives for Your Pool

Chlorine Alternatives for Your Pool

Chemicals like chlorine and bromine are added to swimming pools to fight germs and kill bacteria that can be harmful to humans. Swimming without them could be like swimming in a petri dish, exposing people to all sorts of potentially nasty microbes. But how can we utilize newer technologies such as UV and Ozone to lower, or potentially elminiate the need for chlorine and bromine? 

Causes of Hot Tub Foam and How to Treat It

Hot Tub Over Head view

It doesn’t take long for a hot tub to become a vital part of your everyday life. Any hot tub owner can understand the frustration and annoyance that can come from discovering foamy hot tub water. Even though foam might be quite an annoying problem, in most cases you really have nothing to worry about. Read on to find to more how and why such an issue might happen and what to do in order to get rid of it once and for all!

Top 6 Hot Tub Exercises You’re Going to Love

outside hot tub installation

Hot tubs aren’t just for fun and relaxation. You can really put them to good use if you want to start developing a daily fitness routine! Water-based exercises offer a wide variety of benefits. Typically, most dry-land exercises can be adapted for the water. Chances are you’ll already be a pro when it comes to most of these exercises. The main difference being that your muscles and joints feel much more comfortable performing them in the water, and the cozy, relaxing environment you get to do them in!

Before we dive in to the best exercises to do in the hot tub, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of water-based exercise.

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