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What are the Benefits to a Traeger Grill?

You may have heard a decent amount of information about a Traeger grill, but how much do you really know about them? They use natural fuel instead of propane, gas, or charcoal. Instead, they use wood pellets. Wood pellets are safe for use anywhere, even in Sonoma County. The wood pellets for a Traeger grill are approved by the FDA and are not harmful to the environment. They also come in almost a dozen different flavors from which you can choose. These flavors can add a unique aroma to your food, making it even more enjoyable. These grills have temperature control that makes it seamless. It has 3 settings, high, medium, and low. This also helps to determine the amount of time you want to cook your food. No longer will you worry about overcooking your food because this grill provides consistent cooking times at set temperatures. You could even bake cookies on this grill if you so desire. The Traeger grill even comes with an induction fan. This is not common for a grill. This fan provides constant airflow that moves towards the wood that is burning. When this airflow is added, the wood can burn at high temperatures. This also helps to ensure your food is cooked at a consistent temperature. If you live in Sonoma County and have the ability to cook outside regularly, this may be just the right grill for you.

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