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What is a Caldera Spa or a Jacuzzi?

While many use the term Jacuzzi when generically talking about spas, it is not an accurate statement. Jacuzzi is a brand name of a spa and the family name of the first manufacturer of a portable spa. The family would like to separate their name from the generic user. In reality, it is an in-ground spa, a bathtub that is jetted, or an above-ground portable spa. The first use of a Jacuzzi was actually as an underwater jet in bathtubs. They were called the Jacuzzi jet.

A Caldera Spa may also be referred to as a hot tub. Each one with the Caldera name is specially engineered to meet the strictest standards of quality. They promise their customers worry-free relaxation in a hot tub that is energy efficient and reliable. They provide seats that are deep and cradle your body, allowing you to stay seated even when you have the jets on high. The Caldera Spa is incredibly quiet due to its design to promote sound dampening. They include a freshwater salt system that cleans and sanitizes the water with a cartridge that is virtually maintenance-free. This cartridge generates chlorine from the salt. It can last approximately 4 months, and you can replace it effortlessly in minutes. This process uses far fewer chemicals than other processes. It has fewer odors and produces water that feels softer. This water is much gentler on your skin and eyes. Since you need far fewer additives, your water can remain clean for almost a year before you have to drain and then fill it. You can save money, time, and water.

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