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What is a Freeflow Spa?

The terminology spa is often used to describe an in-ground spa. It is a similar concept to an in-ground pool. Most of them are attached to a pool that is also in-ground. It is not common to see a spa at home without a pool. They often have a seat that is a bench and a jet or two around the edge of the spa. They require an incredible amount of time to heat up and require sufficient energy to keep them at a temperature once they get there.

Freeflow Spas is one of the top leaders in hot tubs as they have constructed more than 1 million tubs. Freeflow Spas promises a wealth of experience and expertise in every spa they build. They guarantee you a reliable and durable product. They use a specific construction process that creates a one-piece shell; therefore, it does not need a frame on the inside to support it. This reduces their labor and materials costs, which they pass along to their customers at affordable prices. These spas are designed to fit anywhere. They even have a special design for the tightest corners. They are lightweight and weigh about the same as a refrigerator.

They are incredibly easy to use, and start-up is a breeze. All you have to do is plug it in. It uses a standard outlet, so there is no need to hire an electrician to install a special outlet. They are energy efficient due to their insulation, which is full form. This provides maximum retention of heat. When combined with a thermal cover, they can maintain their temperature with less energy consumption.

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