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pool inspections


We know that when purchasing or selling a house with a pool or hot tub, the unknown can be scary. This is why we offer both pool inspections and hot tub inspections for anybody buying or selling a home with a pool or hot tub. Our service department will get a complete analysis of the condition of the pool, any cost to repair it, and any long term concerns you should consider. Because of our diversity in the pool and hot tub industry, we look at many aspects of the swimming pool or hot tub including: structural, surface, tile and/or coping, equipment, water care, and portable hot tubs



Our service technicians at Johnson Pool & Spa offer a variety of solutions to help keep your system running smoothly. We offer everything from routine cleaning and chemical treatments, to bulb and filter replacements, and more. We service, repair, and warranty all major manufacturers for your pool or spa equipment. Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Caldera Spas, Freeflow Spas, to name a few.


If you suspect that something isn’t functioning quite right with your pool or spa and you would like to schedule a service appointment, contact us today.


We are committed to the quality of every commercial swim facility that we encounter. From our experienced repair technicians to expertly-trained commercial account representatives, we can handle everything from equipment repairs, VGB compliance, ADA to general health code questions and verification. We understand the demands and complexity of all commercial swim facilities and can provide solutions for any and every challenge. One way that we help is through commercial grade chemicals and delivery. Our service department at Johnson Pool and Spa offers commercial-grade chemicals to meet the demands of any commercial swim facility. We offer a range of chemical manufacturers, from GLB and HASA, to E-Z CLOR, SEA-KLEAR, NATURAL CHEMISTRY and so much more. We offer a variety of sizes and quantities and that would benefit the smallest or largest commercial pool.


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