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In this video, our service manager Oggie will teach you how to properly clean your spa filter. It is recommended to clean your filter every 30 days.


  1. Filter cleaner. We sell these at both Johnson Pool and Spa locations!

  2. Garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle.

  3. A large bucket or container to soak your filter in.


Keep in mind that once you take the filter out, your spa can still be running, but do not use your spa, or add any chemicals. Many of our customers keep a second filter at home for easier filter cleaning.

  1. Take lid off your filter, remove skimmer basket and remove filter.

  2. Give your filter an initial rinse with your garden hose.

  3. Using the filter cleaner, choose your preferred cleaning method. Spray Cleaning: Spray filter cleaner over the filter, coating heavily and let filter sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Soak Cleaning: Put the recommended amount of cleaner in your bucket or container and soak for a minimum of 10 hours. JPS TIP: We recommended soaking overnight if possible. After soaking, remove your filter and rinse with your garden hose.

  4. After your filter is clean, install your filter back into your tub and replace the skimmer and lid.

  5. Enjoy your spa!

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