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Why Choose a Clearwater Hot Tub?

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A hot tub is a term that usually refers to a self-contained tub or portable spa that sits above ground and outside. The plumbing and electrical components are housed within the unit. Johnson Pool and Spa is happy to provide you with a list of vendors to properly prepare your backyard for your new hot tub. You can easily fill it with your hose and drain it whenever you would like. You can even pick it up and move it with you. They can hold a temperature you set, so it is ready anytime you are. You do not ever have to wait for it to heat up to your desired temperature. A hot tub may have only a few jets or a high jet count, depending on the design. Most models manufactured today are easy to maintain and are energy efficient.

Clearwater hot tubs have been the clear choice for almost 45 years. They are proud of their products and work diligently to remain environmentally friendly and reduce their impact on the planet. They have engineered smart and efficient products with the most innovative technology. They do not overlook even the smallest detail making Clearwater hot tubs stand out above the rest. They use environmentally friendly components and follow the strictest standards for energy consumption. They even use recycled parts and materials wherever possible. They recycle their own waste to have a minimal carbon footprint. They are committed to providing excellence to their customers and the environment. Clearwater hot tubs are manufactured without toxic materials, such as fiberglass resin. They developed a solution to the problem of styrene, and their products do not add any compounds that are volatile to the air.

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