Each Caldera hot tub is engineered and built with the strictest attention to quality and efficiency. Our commitment is your assurance of reliable, energy-efficient performance for years of worry-free hot tubbing.

Comfort is the essential element in our hot  tubs. Deep, cradling seats and a textured Foot Ridge® help you stay relaxed and seated even when enjoying powerful jets. Perfectly positioned hydrotherapy massage melts your tension away. And a whisper-quiet sound dampening design enhances the comfort experience.

Stop by our Windsor location today to view our extensive Caldera model lineup, or talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff to learn more. 

FRESHWater Salt System

The FreshWater Salt System sanitizes water by using a maintenance-free cartridge to generate chlorine from salt.  The cartridge is designed to last four months, and can easily be replaced in seconds.

The FreshWater Salt System uses fewer chemicals than traditional water care, reducing harsh odors for softer-feeling water that is gentler on eyes and skin. With fewer additives needed, the water can stay clean for a full year before it needs to be drained and refilled. This conserves water, saves money and reduces time previously spent on complicated water care.