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Hot Tub Safety Tips

Here at Johnson Pool and Spa we are all about fun, safe fun. Every day there are accidents that include a pool or spa that could be easily avoided. We feel that we have a responsibility to our community in educating everybody on how to have a fun and safe time in and around your pool or spa. 

Sanitizer and H2O Balance– Test you water! This is one of the easiest ways to avoid an accident. By making sure that your water has the propertest amount of sanitizer, you are making sure that bacteria and other nasties are not growing in the water. Maintaining your alkalinity and pH is also important. This also dictates how effective the sanitizer could be working. Feel free to stop by Johnson Pool and Spa for a FREE water test.

Chemicals supplies – Keep these in a cool and dry place with proper ventilation. Make sure you don’t stack the liquid chemicals on top of the powders and NEVER MIX YOUR CHEMICALS!

Alcohol and Drugs – Because hot water increases the effect of alcohol and certain drugs, we encourage you to talk to your doctor about entering the hot tub while on prescription medication. Drinking alcohol is something that we suggest in moderation. Don’t overdo it in the spa as it can lead to a very negative experience.  Some people prefer juice, water, or a soda to go with their relaxing soak in their spa.

Water Temperature - Sitting for too long in elevated water temperatures can raise the body temperature to hazardous levels. The NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) considers 104F to be the maximum safe water temperature.

Soaking in a hot tub with the temperature of 95-102F have profound health benefits from increasing circulation to helping with diabetes! It has also show benefits with people with autism and ADHD/ADD.

Children – Growing up it amazes me how many times I was left in a pool or spa unattended. Granted I was an accomplished swimmer and could hold my own in the neighborhood swimming races it still shocks me that I was allowed to be in the pool by myself. Back then there was no such thing as VGB or Anti Vortex drains, the only safety tips I was given where; “don’t run, wait 40 mins after eating before swimming, and don’t pee in the pool.” I don’t remember anybody telling me not to play with the drains or don’t stick my hands in the skimmer.  FYI it is important that you don’t stick your hands in to the skimmer or play with the main drains in ANY pool and spa. 

If you have younger children, we encourage you introduce your child in stages. Maybe have them sit on the first step for 10 minutes to let them acclimate to the water temperature. It is very easy for a small child to reach unsafe body temperatures if unsupervised.

Never leave children unattended in the water! It only takes a second for a young child in a shallow body of water to get in to a regrettable situation.

Pregnancy – Women who are pregnant should consulate a doctor before entering a spa.

Hair Entanglement – It is important the people with long hair put their hair up or in a tie or swim cap.  The most common place for hair entanglement is usually in one of the spas drains. On most spas you can easily see the drain caps; there is usually one per pump in a portable spa and look like a hockey puck.

Electrical Devices – We highly recommend that you do not operate any electronic devices while enjoying your hot tub. This would include, but not be limited to; blow dryers, hair curlers, hair straighteners , stereos, laptops, toasters, lamps, and or vacuum cleaners. Realistically speaking anything that plugs in the wall socket for power should not be used in or near a body of water. A spa is a relaxing place where we recommend you take a moment to close your eyes and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Spa Mounted SmartRailSafety Rails and Steps – Steps are highly recommended for easier access in and out of the hot tub. When people come in and look at hot tubs we always encourage them to get in and see how they fit. Most people don’t even think twice, and are already half way in by the time we get done offering. Every single one of them naturally uses the stairs. Why, because it is easier and it is safer. Most of the stairs have either a nonskid rubber top or they have some sort of texture to prevent you from slipping.

There are two main types of safety rails; one that slips under the hot tub and one that bolts to the side of the hot tub.

The one that bolts to the side of the hot tub is great if you are trying to hold onto something to balance yourself while entering or exiting the hot tub. This rail is meant to be in a fixed position on the hot tub. The rail that slips under the hot tub for support is versatile as it can be placed anywhere around the hot tub to assist with entering and exiting.

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